About me

I'm a person that doesn't particularly like to sit and "do nothing". In my free time, I enjoy working on (not necessarily IT-related) personal projects, taking very long walks, or doing one of my hobbies. These include — but are not limited to — reading books, drawing, cooking, playing tabletop D&D, and writing. Topics that interest me academically — but are not directly related to my field — include astronomy, particle physics, linguistics, mathematics, and philosophy.

Preferred name: Aster Bandis
Legal name: Asterios Bantis
Preferred pronouns: they/them
If you were looking for my CV, check out the "Curriculum Vitae" page!

Hardware and software

My current daily driver is a Lenovo 81LK IdeaPad (L340-15IRH), which I purchased during the first wave of the pandemic. It might not be particularly high-end, but it's served me well during the last 3 years. I do plan to replace it with a proper desktop sometime, but not while it still does its job. I have a funny, long-standing tradition of naming my daily drivers "Mortar"; this laptop is "Mortar 4". Nowadays, I primarily use a Wacom tablet as a "mouse". I also use a Raspberry Pi 4B as a local server; it locally hosts a few QoL services for myself. Nothing too fancy!

I've been using GNU/Linux as my primary operating system since 2015. My current distro is Fedora 38 (Cinnamon), but I was using Linux Mint until relatively recently. In general, I do not particularly care about heavily customising my workstation; most of the time, I only want something that just works™.

Other software I use

DE: Cinnamon

DE theme: Plata Noir

Browser: Firefox

Text editors: GNU Nano, Gedit

Terminal emulator: GNOME Terminal

Video/music player: VLC Media Player

Handwritten notes: Xournal++

Multimedia manipulation: GIMP, Krita, Inkscape, Kdenlive

Torrent client: qBittorrent

IDE: VSCodium

Office suite: LaTeX is love, LaTeX is life; LibreOffice, if needed

Miscellaneous: Graph::Easy


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